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It Don't Come Easy!  

Jay Shepard covering Ringo Starr and George Harrison! Good job! 

Dream On!  

Post Modern Jukebox covering Aerosmith! I love what they do to these songs! 

China Girl!  

Eric Anthony covering David Bowie! (Acoustic) A great job! 

Lyin' Eyes!  

Tony Bartello covering the Eagles! Awesome job! It is so hard to do all those parts by yourself and keep everything right. Well he did it! 


I think Love Raptor covering Journey! This is an awesomely different Funk version of this song! So let's get the Funk out! 


Shallow Side Covering Styx! Totally bad ass!!!!

Whole Lotta Love!  

Jess Greenberg covering Led Zeppelin! Beauty and talent all in one place. Great version too! 

The Boxer!  

Candler covering Simon and Garfunkel! It is very difficult arranging this song and they did a great job! 

Diary of a Madman! Live!  

Ozzy covered by sons of Apollo! Watching this brought me to tears because it is coming up on 20 years that my friend Tom died. His favorite thing to do was to break down Ozzy's lyrics! He totally identified with his dark lyrics! 

The Last Time!  

The Monalisa covering the Rolling Stones! It's a killer song!